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 Chat: Choose Your Path

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The Misleading Monarch
The Misleading Monarch

Squad : Freeze SA
Age : 55
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PostSubject: Chat: Choose Your Path   Wed Dec 01, 2010 10:58 pm

Okay! Ocasionaly in chat, I'll start telling a story about the members of our guild. Whatever members that are in the chat at the time will be the point of view I'll use and they'll occasionally get to choose the path thier character takes. The entire story will be connected. I'll post the finished segments in here with all commentary and off topic idiocy included.


Pokemon Trainers are dissapearing in the pokemon world and no one knows who's behind it. Is it Team Rocket? Or some group even more nefarious!?

Guild members introduced so far:

Macaroni Man

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The Misleading Monarch
The Misleading Monarch

Squad : Freeze SA
Age : 55
Location : Tohjo Falls
Posts : 1009
Join date : 2010-11-03

PostSubject: Re: Chat: Choose Your Path   Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:11 am

Here's the first chat! Mwahahahahahahahaha!!!

RedHerring1290 : So did you steal the food or did you ask for money?

Memieko : Asked for money

RedHerring1290 : *You walk up to a man and ask him to lend you some money.

RedHerring1290 : He looks like a nice old man so you aren't suspicious when he says,

RedHerring1290 : "I've got some in my car. Come with me and I'll get you some."

Memieko : <<

RedHerring1290 : He walks you to the car and suddenly he injects you with some sort of drug.

RedHerring1290 : Your world slips into darkness and the last you see of him is a faint smile.

RedHerring1290 : You wake up some time later in the trunk of a car.

RedHerring1290 : You feel around and realize your hands have been bound.

Memieko : *dfinitely makes charamelldansen video

RedHerring1290 : * Do you shout and try to make lots of noise, or do you sit there quietly?

Memieko : shout and make lots of noise

RedHerring1290 : *You manage to get your gag off your mouth and you begin to shout like crazy.

RedHerring1290 : You begin bangin around in an effort to get help.

RedHerring1290 : Suddenly, you hear a familiar voice.

RedHerring1290 : "Memi, is that you?"

RedHerring1290 : You hear a large crash as someone hits the trunk lock with a baseball bat and opens the door.

Macaroni Man : sorry for my sudden absence, I lost connection

Memieko : Mac I think red is losing it

RedHerring1290 : At first, the light is too much for you and you can't see anything, but then you recognize that it is Mac who has saved you.

RedHerring1290 : He frees you from your restraints, and you hug him as you break down in tears.

Macaroni Man : ur welcome

Memieko : Why would I cry..

RedHerring1290 : Mac conforts you, but then says, "We have to get out of here. They'll be back soon."

Macaroni Man : i like improvising stories, but i'm no good at it

RedHerring1290 : /pause story

RedHerring1290 : Because you were just kidnapped!

Macaroni Man : So what did choco do?

RedHerring1290 : Anyone in you situation would cry!

Macaroni Man : noticed yu said u also wanted revenge on choco

Memieko : Choco would have preferred me drawing Red liking the hug

RedHerring1290 : He thought the picture should have been more annoying.

RedHerring1290 : Anyways, I'm going to continue now.

RedHerring1290 : /unpause

RedHerring1290 : You're confused as he says this, but you agree and go with him.

RedHerring1290 : Both of you hury through what seems to be a parking garage and you struggle to keep up.

RedHerring1290 : Tired, you stop to catch your breath when you hear shouting and footsteps.

RedHerring1290 : Mac says, "Quick Memi, you have to hide!"*

Macaroni Man : and then he tells her to "watch out" and points behind him. Suddenly Macaroni puts a bag over Memi's head. "Nice work, BigMac" says felipe

RedHerring1290 : Do you hide or insist upon running with him?

Macaroni Man : haha, I'm suddenly a decietful bad guy

RedHerring1290 : /pause

Memieko : hide

RedHerring1290 : It's a choice story. I give her choices and then spin my story based off of those choices.

RedHerring1290 : /unpause

RedHerring1290 : *You do as he says and hide behind a nearby car.

Memieko : Those are usually 2nd person stories

Macaroni Man : (kind of like those goosebump books)

RedHerring1290 : He runs off, and the shouting gets closer and you hear footsteps.

Memieko : Yeah

RedHerring1290 : The people pass you, but you never see any of thier faces.

Memieko : Those were interesting until it got really unreal

Macaroni Man : (if you know what I'm talking about, they're by RL Stine))

Memieko : His books kinda annoyed me

Memieko : Same ending

Memieko : No matter what he put some twist at the end

RedHerring1290 : After another few minutes, you hear gunshots and Mac yell out in pain.

Macaroni Man : (ok, so she knows, now i'll shut up and enjoy)

Macaroni Man : AW COME ON!!!

RedHerring1290 : /pause

Memieko : xD

RedHerring1290 : Sorry, she made the choice.

Memieko : You get to die

RedHerring1290 : Had she stayed with you, you would have lived.

Macaroni Man : (just use paranthesis instead of saying "pause")

RedHerring1290 : /unpause

Macaroni Man : we should have a rpg forum

RedHerring1290 : (From now on, I'll refer to Memi as Memi, since there's more than just her listening)

RedHerring1290 : (And I'll start a topic in the games later.)

Macaroni Man : (Maybe I'll just make one in a topic in the game forum)

Macaroni Man : oh, you already said that...

RedHerring1290 : *Memi runs as soon as she can and exits the garage.

Macaroni Man : Gotta go for dinner, i'll read i later the archives

RedHerring1290 : She then realizes she's in a tropical enviroment and surround by jungle and the smell of the Ocean.

RedHerring1290 : (Later Mac.)

RedHerring1290 : Running through the foliage, she finds a small clearing with a hut in it.

RedHerring1290 : *Do you go inside the hut or keep running?

Memieko : go inside the hut

RedHerring1290 : You go inside the hut and to your relief, you find it to be empty.

RedHerring1290 : On a crudely made table, you see a Pokeball.

RedHerring1290 : You pick it up and open it, but nothing comes out.

RedHerring1290 : With the empty pokeball in hand, you run back outside and into the forest.

RedHerring1290 : (Started saying You again. Whoops)

RedHerring1290 : As she runs, the drug induced fog in her brain begins to clear.

RedHerring1290 : Her Pokemon have been taken from her and she will most likely never see them again.

RedHerring1290 : (You should have gone to Texas Road House. I was there. )

Memieko : mcdonalds tastes better

RedHerring1290 : Looking at the ground, she comes to three sets of tracks.

RedHerring1290 : *Do you follow the tracks or not?

Memieko : follow the tracks

RedHerring1290 : She follows the tracks and it leads her to trainer's campsite.

RedHerring1290 : There are three trainers all eating around a small fire.

RedHerring1290 : You approach them and abruptly colapse on the ground from exhaustion.

RedHerring1290 : *To be continued...

Memieko : lol

RedHerring1290 : Had to get my pie.

RedHerring1290 : I'm gonna make this a guild wide thing where I spin different parts of the story from different guild members.

RedHerring1290 : It'll give me something to do.

Memieko : xD

Memieko : I'll watch RL sue

RedHerring1290 : What?

Memieko : The guy that writes goosebumps

Memieko : He practically invented 2nd person

Memieko : Anyway

Memieko :

Memieko : I hate the export on this thing

RedHerring1290 : Okay...

Memieko : hmm

Memieko : Do you think I need more frames?

RedHerring1290 : No.

RedHerring1290 : You should have less actually.

RedHerring1290 : I think a good number would be...

RedHerring1290 : Zero.

RedHerring1290 : Yeah, Zero.

RedHerring1290 : O_O\

Memieko : xDD

Memieko : Nuh

RedHerring1290 : /unpause!

RedHerring1290 : Tuna walks into the bar and sighs.

KillerShark57 : Jaws.

RedHerring1290 : He's been having trouble with a difficult case and its eating at him.

RedHerring1290 : (I'm telling a story, we'll worry about that later)

RedHerring1290 : Trainers have been going missing and he can't figure out who's behind it.

RedHerring1290 : He orders a beer and thinks.

RedHerring1290 : Team Rocket could be involved, but they rarely resort to kidnapping humans.

RedHerring1290 : He couldn't think of any other posiblitiies, so he'd have to investigate further.

RedHerring1290 : *Do you go to talk to an informant you know, or investigate the scene of the last kidnapping?

KillerShark57 : Talk.

RedHerring1290 : Deciding to contact one of your informants, you pull out your phone and send him a text.

RedHerring1290 : (Dang it, I changed perspective!)

KillerShark57 : Lol.

RedHerring1290 : He recieves a text shortly after with a meeting place and time.

RedHerring1290 : Tuna finishes his beer, and walks outside.

RedHerring1290 : It's almost time for the meeting, so he begins to head in that direction.

RedHerring1290 : Suddenly, he witnesses a girl being led outside of a McDonalds by a criminal you had tracked down before.

RedHerring1290 : *Do you go to check it out, or continue to your appointment with your informant.

RedHerring1290 : *?

KillerShark57 : Check it out.

BlackHawk323 : nice shoice

KillerShark57 : ...

BlackHawk323 : lol

BlackHawk323 : go on felipe

RedHerring1290 : Tuna walks toward the criminal and is stunned when he sees him inject something into the girl.

RedHerring1290 : The girl collapses and Tuna breaks into a run.

RedHerring1290 : Reaches the man, Tuna releases his...

RedHerring1290 : *What pokemon do you release?

KillerShark57 : Blastoise.

RedHerring1290 : Tuna throws his pokemon into the air and releases his Blastroise.

RedHerring1290 : *Pokeball*

RedHerring1290 : (Throwing a Blastroise into the air would be hard. xD)

KillerShark57 : Lol. By the way, you mean Blastoise, not Blastroise.

RedHerring1290 : The Criminal throws a pokeball as well and sends out a Houndoom.

RedHerring1290 : (I know, minor error.)

KillerShark57 : (XD)

Memieko : (It's a typo)

Memieko : called*

Memieko : (god dog locked herself in the bathroom AGAIN)

RedHerring1290 : The Houndoom lunges out the Blastoise, but its teeth can't penetrate the turtle pokemon's thick shell.

RedHerring1290 : The Blastoise easily hits the Houndoom aside and you rush to take down the criminal.

RedHerring1290 : (Tuna rushes! Dang it, its hard to stay in the right point of view!)

Memieko : Wrong perspective again

choco : zoom!

RedHerring1290 : Tuna punches the criminal in the face and knocks him unconcious.

KillerShark57 : No "zoom!"s allowed.

choco : fine then

RedHerring1290 : Satisfied, he walks to the girl who's still on the ground.

* choco Kweh!? *

RedHerring1290 : Looking through her pockets, he finds a Trainer Card which reveals her name to be Memieko.

* KillerShark57 loled.

Memieko : What?

RedHerring1290 : (If you read the archives, you'll see this connects with Memi's story)

choco : hey mac

Macaroni Man : STILL??

Macaroni Man : /reads archives to see if he resurrected

Memieko : How?

RedHerring1290 : Tuna looks around and shudders as he feels a dark prescence behind him.

Memieko : Wasn't I kidnapped

RedHerring1290 : His eyes get heavy and he falls to the ground, unable to support his own weight.

RedHerring1290 : A Haunter floats just withing his vision as he looses conciousness...

RedHerring1290 : /end Tuna's point of view.

RedHerring1290 : See Memi? It fits.

KillerShark57 : Looses?

RedHerring1290 : Typo.

RedHerring1290 : *Loses

RedHerring1290 : Or however you spell it.

KillerShark57 : Again -.-

RedHerring1290 : I make typos. Get over it.

BlackHawk323 : Undead-Hollywood Undead starts

RedHerring1290 : Okay, new point of view.

RedHerring1290 : /start Hawk's point of view.

RedHerring1290 : Hawk wakes up in his bed and looks lazily at his alarm clock.

RedHerring1290 : Yawning, it takes a few seconds for him to realize what day it and more importantly, what time it is.

KillerShark57 : .

RedHerring1290 : Jumping out of bed he shouts, "Oh crap! I'm gonna be late," and dashes to get dressed.

RedHerring1290 : Running out the door, he runs around the building to get his bike.

RedHerring1290 : He jumps on and rides furiously.

Macaroni Man : aw man! i think i managed to get a virus on this computer

RedHerring1290 : The reason for his panic is that he's late to get his 1st pokemon for his 10th birthday.

RedHerring1290 : He's been looking forward to this day for monthes, and of course his alarm clock doesn't got off.

Memieko : .

Macaroni Man : if i try to navigate to a webpage, a walmart gift card scam pops scan time!

RedHerring1290 : (Yeah I know its unoriginal, but it works)

BlackHawk323 : :dances:

Macaroni Man : (restarting computer)

choco : nuuuuu, my evil plan has been foiled >.<

* BlackHawk323 alright back to the story ppl

* choco has nothing to do with macs virus

RedHerring1290 : Hawk rushes through the streets and makes it to the professor's house.

* KillerShark57 thinks that choco installed the virus.

RedHerring1290 : Dashing inside, he screams, "Professor! I'm heeere!!!! Don't give away the Bulbasaur yet!!!"

RedHerring1290 : He reaches the lab and sees the professor standing there.

choco : lol no, my evil plan waqs much worse

Macaroni Man : (that got rid of it, guess it was just some adware or whatever)

RedHerring1290 : There are five empty pokeballs on the table, and two that have yet to be opened.

RedHerring1290 : "Now Hawk," the professor says, "we never had a Bulbasaur anyways."

RedHerring1290 : "Besides, you know are town's trainers choose thier first pokemon by chance."

RedHerring1290 : "Now which pokeball do you choose?"

RedHerring1290 : *Do you choose the ball on the left or the right?"

BlackHawk323 : hmmm.....(thinks it over for a bit)

BlackHawk323 : right

RedHerring1290 : Hawk picks up the right pokeball and sighs.

RedHerring1290 : He opens it and a....

KillerShark57 : *Choose Pokemon*

RedHerring1290 : *drumroll*

KillerShark57 : Oops fail.

RedHerring1290 : ...Krabby comes out.

KillerShark57 : Be right back.]

RedHerring1290 : You give it a strange look and look back at the professor.

RedHerring1290 : *Do you keep the krabby or grab the other pokeball and run off?

BlackHawk323 : keep it

Memieko : brb

BlackHawk323 : so what? it wasnt the pokemon i wanted but still.....

BlackHawk323 : its a pokemon

RedHerring1290 : Hawk thanks the professor and returns the krabby to its pokeball.

BlackHawk323 : i could have gone without one

RedHerring1290 : The professor hands him the standard Poke'dex and a new backpack.

RedHerring1290 : Walking out, Hawk jumps on his bike and rides off.

RedHerring1290 : He didn't have any family, so he goes back to his house and collects his things.

Macaroni Man : and gets ambushed by team rocket

RedHerring1290 : On the way out of town, an ominous looking man confronts him.

@ Littlered : finally home

BlackHawk323 : shhh

BlackHawk323 : its getting good

choco : hey red

choco : you have any idea what they're on about?

RedHerring1290 : He ask Hawk, "Would you like to join a new guild that's popped up?

RedHerring1290 : *Do you answer yes or no?

RedHerring1290 : (And what are you talking about Choco?

BlackHawk323 : hmmmm.....i would ask hi the name of the guild

@ Littlered : nope

RedHerring1290 : Fair enough Hawk.

choco : your looong story felipe

KillerShark57 : Back.

choco : and i wasnt talking to you

BlackHawk323 : ....

RedHerring1290 : He replies, "It hasn't been named yet, but we're looking for new trainers to help get it going."

Macaroni Man : success!

@ Littlered : OMG

@ Littlered : D;

@ Littlered : D; D; D;

* Littlered cries like crazy

RedHerring1290 : *So do you say yes or no?

BlackHawk323 : hmmmm.....

@ Littlered : im gunna kill the one has a boo boo

Memieko : Ariana!

Macaroni Man : what're you crying about?

Memieko : I'm making a charamelldansen of Red

@ Littlered : <<<<durnams topic

RedHerring1290 : <_<

Macaroni Man : fail

BlackHawk323 : hmm...i answer "only for the time being...if i like it i'll stay if i dont i leave

* choco shouldn't leave for so long

Memieko :

Memieko : Behold frames*

choco : when i come back i'm all confuzzled again :S

RedHerring1290 : Hawk says yes, but has his doubts...

RedHerring1290 : The man gives a creepy smile and you become worried.

RedHerring1290 : *Do you still say Yes?

BlackHawk323 : no

RedHerring1290 : Hawk releases his Krabby and the man's smile turns to a frown.

Macaroni Man : well, now that half the guild knows about me and memieko's plan, it won't be as funny anymore

RedHerring1290 : Becoming angry, he says, "You'll regret this!" and runs off...

RedHerring1290 : To be continued...

Last edited by RedHerring1290 on Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:30 am; edited 2 times in total
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Concept Extraordinaire
Concept Extraordinaire

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PostSubject: Re: Chat: Choose Your Path   Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:17 am

Hawk's color is lighter than Tuna's and choco's isn't that green, its a straw color yellow.
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The Misleading Monarch
The Misleading Monarch

Squad : Freeze SA
Age : 55
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PostSubject: Re: Chat: Choose Your Path   Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:29 am

Eh. I'll deal with that in future posts. Or I might just change my entire format. It was an incredible pain in the A** to do it this way.
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The Golden Chocobo
The Golden Chocobo

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PostSubject: Re: Chat: Choose Your Path   Thu Dec 02, 2010 8:41 am

Yes my colour is yellow, it doesn''t take a genius to work out why ;P

But what I want to know is why you put all the chat here and not just the bit relevent to your story?

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The Peachy One
The Peachy One

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PostSubject: Re: Chat: Choose Your Path   Thu Dec 02, 2010 10:31 am

It's funny to see Felipe trying to write a story while everyone else is talking about random things. Ariana's side convo, Choco's occasional dialouge, along with Hawk and Jaws. Even BigMac was there. Haha. Maybe you should delete the things you don't need Felipe. Don't be lazy Razz

"People will forget what I said. People will forget what I did for them. But people will never forget my name."

~Here's to Life, Love and Team Dramander~
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The Misleading Monarch
The Misleading Monarch

Squad : Freeze SA
Age : 55
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Posts : 1009
Join date : 2010-11-03

PostSubject: Re: Chat: Choose Your Path   Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:28 pm

Lazienes!? Are you kidding me!? I had to go in and manually put everyone's color to make it more like the chat! And I kept the side conversations since they affected how I wrote the story. I might changes the way I put this in, though.

This was just an expirament. I'll change things as I see fit.
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The Golden Chocobo
The Golden Chocobo

Age : 26
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PostSubject: Re: Chat: Choose Your Path   Thu Dec 02, 2010 2:19 pm

Deleting the randomness would have acctually saved you time, less lines to colour Razz
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Mac of All Trades
The Forum Clown
The Forum Clown
Mac of All Trades

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PostSubject: Re: Chat: Choose Your Path   Thu Dec 02, 2010 6:22 pm

Choco has a point there! also i bet if there was a part of me and memieko's...uh... conversation about you in that story, you would've taken the time to deleted it

[To prove your unlaziness,] Next time we're in chat, I request you to do the past background of my point o view; like before i saved memieko and how i seemed to know about the bad guy's plan Twisted Evil ....What? It's not a greedy request, remember I didn't get to make any choices and got shot! D:

Later I think I'll start something like this except [u]everyone[.u] will get a chance to take turns making up the story speeaking from their own point of view, or maybe we'll just be alltogether in a group (in story). However, everyone will have to make a PACT to stay on topic

(Pact is an aewsome word Very Happy)
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The Misleading Monarch
The Misleading Monarch

Squad : Freeze SA
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PostSubject: Re: Chat: Choose Your Path   Thu Dec 02, 2010 6:30 pm

Hey, I never said you were dead. I just said Memi heard gunshots and you cried out in pain. You might have been caputured for all you know. And soon you'll be tortured in the worst possible ways. Twisted Evil


Anyways, I'll mess with my formating as time goes on. I'll change things around with future scenes and see what I like.
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Mac of All Trades
The Forum Clown
The Forum Clown
Mac of All Trades

Squad : Join ALL the squads!
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PostSubject: Re: Chat: Choose Your Path   Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:23 pm

Bump. So are you still going to do this or were you hoping everyone forgot by now?
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The Misleading Monarch
The Misleading Monarch

Squad : Freeze SA
Age : 55
Location : Tohjo Falls
Posts : 1009
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PostSubject: Re: Chat: Choose Your Path   Tue Dec 21, 2010 1:12 pm

I havn't had any inspiration to continue the story. There's also the fact that I havn't had a good chance in the chat to get going. I havn't abandoned it, but it may be a while before I continue it.
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PostSubject: Re: Chat: Choose Your Path   

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Chat: Choose Your Path
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