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 Ragnarok: (I have yet to throw in a title)

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Concept Extraordinaire
Concept Extraordinaire

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PostSubject: Ragnarok: (I have yet to throw in a title)   Fri Dec 03, 2010 5:18 am

This is a story I've been working on for a couple years. The older chapters will seem a bit immature or poorly written I'll fix them up best I can when posting. This story is actually some of my past when playing this game. I started thinking of a good story to exaggerate everything that happened. I will post a character representation at the bottom of the chapters and explains who everyone is. Basically just know: The drama DID happen in my past, the action does not. (i.e If i was in a huge fight with someone it will be in the story, if that person disappeared from the game, they die :3)


Ragnarok Online is an MMO I played a lot and still play. Basically the MMO takes place in around medieval times and in the game some cities are a bit more developed than others. I believe the most updated one is a city called Einbroch, it's industrial and invented Guns.(Don't ask why there are Guns and Arrow users in the game, there just are.)
In order to full understand this story all you need to know are what they classes are and what they do.


Whenever you first start out in RO you are a class called "Novice" Here is the tree from there (Novices can also become a Super Novice but I won't go into that detail)

They are noobs, nothing special.
Novices can choose to be either of these classes also SEE the extended classes at the bottom.

These are the first classes

....... Bow ..............Sell stuff............Daggers.............Magic..............Swords...............Heal

First class -> Second class There are two choices for every second class:


Hunter: Offense of an Archer, they're a bit stronger and have more skills
Bard & Dancer: Support version of an archer, they play songs to help team mates.
Alchemist: Support version of a merchant (Make potions and throw it on people) although they have a offense when they transcend.
Blacksmith: Offense version of a merchant
Assassin: They rely on a speed to battle
Rogue: A rogue uses many things, most people lean towards bows.
Wizard: Strong with magic attack skills.
Sage: More of support, they have some good skill though..
Crusader: Tanks and have the ability to cast support spells
Knight: Mainly for attacking one of the strongest classes
Priest: Major support class
Monk: For fighting and using certain spells, another strong class.

There are also transcend which are like a souped up version of the 1st classes:

Some of the names are commonly referred to as:
Minstrel: Clown(I don't understand this one..)
Biochemist : Creator
Scholar: Professor
Master Smith: Whitesmith

Extended Classes:

Yeah, that's right, they have ninjas.

Anyway, I find this completely pointless since I only use about 1/16 of the classes I just posted. Classes used:

Assassin Cross x2
Assassin x2
Gunslinger x2
High Priest

And here's a picture I took in my server:


9 friends embark on a little get away time from usual duties. Their target is Payon a small quiet village of archers. All goes as planned, but one friend insists on going to a fortune teller. He has been riddled with dreams and unexplained fears. After visiting the fortune teller, Koiwa, acts strangely and leaves the group to go into the woods for alone time. In a chain of events a vacation turns into betrayal and drama. Blood boils in the group while Koiwa is out trying to kill them.

I couldn't think of anything better at 3 am in the morning.

I will post Chapter 1 tomorrow. Any other questions that occur during the story just post.
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Concept Extraordinaire
Concept Extraordinaire

Squad : Flame SA
Age : 24
Location : The Beaver State
Posts : 937
Join date : 2010-11-02

PostSubject: Re: Ragnarok: (I have yet to throw in a title)   Fri Dec 03, 2010 3:33 pm

*When reading this story it's more anime thought about so keep that in mind*
(But I don't know who's going to read this story anyway xD)
(Sorry for the double post!)
Chapter 1:

He looked about his dust covered room which was quiet and empty. Koiwa stepped out of his room and into the hallway and along came Memieko, a long-haired assassin cross with piggy-tails coming out from the back, bottom of her head while her purple hair gleamed in the flickering light, was walking sleepily past Koiwa nodding her a ‘good night.’ He rubbed his fingers through his rough, scraggly hair and went off to bed.

The next morning Koiwa awoke and glancing out the window he saw the sun coming up from behind the grassy hills. He got up and started walking towards the window, looking through his squinted eyes, Koiwa saw kids playing in the fields. He walked over to his arrows that were leaning against the wall. He threw them over his shoulder and picking up his massively long bow, he walked out of the room not bothering to fix his bed, still lost in thought about his dream, always the same damn thing, he thought, I swear I recognize those screams and I keep hearing myself yelling no…who’s voice was that anyway?

Not looking where he was headed he accidentally bumped into Mishiatsu coming around the hall. He fell back with a severe pain in his head and looked up to see a blonde-haired sleek, skinny Assassin Cross holding his hand out cheerfully.

“Sorry about that, Kiowa,” he apologized in a jolly voice.

It seems nothing can tarnish his good mood, Koiwa thought while brushing himself off as he stood up. “So, when’re we leavin’?” he asked.

“In a few minutes,” Mishiatsu replied, “Takashi scheduled to meet the warp agent at 10.”

“Then let’s wake Memieko, she’s a heavy sleeper, but I’m sure she’ll wake up if you try.”

A mischievous smile spread across Mishiatsu’s face as he nodded and carried on towards Memieko’s room.

Once inside he preceded the usual wake up call for his sleepy young friend. Walking toward the lump of covers rising and falling on the bed. Soon as she rolled over, he pounced on her, “MONIKE!” he screeched at the top of his lungs. Monike was a name he had always called her since they first met.

She screamed in alarm at the figure that had just woken her. Her shock turned to utter dislike. “What the hell was that for?!” She cried out angrily, “You nearly gave me a heart attack!”

“Aw lighten up, you should be thankful, otherwise you would’ve slept in.” he said innocently.

“Still, wake me up with only a nudge,” she retorted ignoring his innocent gesture, “I may be a heavy sleeper, but god, I’m not that hard to wake up.”

“Okay,” Mishiatsu giggled.

“So what time’s the Warp Girl coming?” She added changing the subject.

“In about 3 minutes,” He said.

“Okay, looks like I have no time to eat,” She said glumly.

“Well, maybe if you weren’t such a heavy sleeper you would’ve woken up earlier,” He joked as he was walking out the door.

“Shut up,” Memieko growled after him.

Memieko dressed and packed her daggers in their sheathes then strapping them around her waste. As they walked through the hallway and outside they saw Takashi a skinny, but strong Champion, with a big heart and brown hair always combed to one side of his face. Next to Memieko’s brother was, Koiwa a sniper with no hawk and shaggy black hair who always wore a stern look on his face. Along with Royaku, the most immature gunslinger there ever was and yet, the most powerful. He had flame color hair that stuck straight up in the air, and next was Ryu, a tall Priest who has grayish green hair, and pretty much acts like he doesn’t even know Memieko.

She boiled with hurt and anger when she saw him, they were so close, but now they were so far apart. He grew more and more distant once he became a priest and hardly gives her a noticing glance. Every time they talk now it’s just argument after argument. She began to shake the thought away. After all they were going to a calm place to relax.

“Okay, Everyone ready?” Takashi asked as cheerful as ever.

“Hell yeah!” Royaku replied with his usual enthusiasm.

“Alright then, the Warp Agent should be here in about…” His voice trailed off as a loud whir filled the area followed by noise similar to the sound of thunder as a woman in an orange uniform fell from about two feet above Takashi nearly breaking his neck as she toppled on top of him. Warp Agents were people that could take you anywhere you need to go by teleporting. Before they appeared, travelers had to tred through dangerous territory before reaching another town.

“O-oh my I’m s-sorry,” she stuttered, “I’m new to the warping service, I guess I miscalculated the coordinates…”

“No problem,” Takashi grunted brushing off his outfit.

“Well then!” She said brightly. “It says your scheduled a warp for Payon..?”


“Alright here you go!” she said. Pointing her finger to an empty spot in the ground a light began to rise up in many colors and inside was a small vortex twisting and turning.

“We’re supposed to jump in that?” Memieko cried after looking down. She backed up into someone and looked around to see Ryu.

“Get in or I’ll push you in myself” he said impatiently.

“I don’t think I need help to walk in a portal,” she assured him coldly.

“Then don’t act like you need any,” he threw back. Infuriated, Memieko jumped in not thinking about the sensation she was about to feel.

Character representation:
Ryu - Ingame name: DivineSage; Real name: Daniel; Relation: First love I ever had.
Koiwa - Ingame name: Tekkan; Real name: Unknown; Relation: Old guild mate.
Takashi - Ingame name: zbirdmanz; Real name: Adrian; Relation: Best friend.
Royoku - Ingame name: pendejo_bos(excuse the language); Real name: Unknown; Relation: One of my friends
Memieko - Really..?
Mishiatsu - Ingame name: Maestro; Real name: Shawn; Relation: A friend that teased me a lot (Called me Monike and still does)
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Mac of All Trades
The Forum Clown
The Forum Clown
Mac of All Trades

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PostSubject: Re: Ragnarok: (I have yet to throw in a title)   Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:54 am

It's a great ability to be able to write a story in the setting of another storyline, and it helps keep the game interesting; good job. I don't play Ragnarok, but I'm still kind of familiar with the classes' abilities since some of them are also in other games.
I didn't even realize that you had based the characters off of real people you knew until the end (where you posted the character representation. )

I know I said this in the chatroom, but it would be more interesting to a person who actually plays the game, so we probably won't 'appreciate' it as much as your friends from Ragnarok. But I'll read it anyway. Smile
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Concept Extraordinaire
Concept Extraordinaire

Squad : Flame SA
Age : 24
Location : The Beaver State
Posts : 937
Join date : 2010-11-02

PostSubject: Re: Ragnarok: (I have yet to throw in a title)   Sun Dec 05, 2010 7:08 am

I tried making it to where people who haven't even played the game would be able to enjoy it. The only problem is the class description. This is also just a draft, when I finish I will go back and add more detail to take away that effect. Adding more detail to towns and describing more about classes within the story. I didn't make this story for Ragnarok Online players and it's not suppose to be only for them. I want to get other people to feel for the characters too, it shouldn't matter where they are Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Ragnarok: (I have yet to throw in a title)   

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Ragnarok: (I have yet to throw in a title)
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