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 Portable Radio

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PostSubject: Portable Radio   Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:34 pm

The quest takes place in a magnifecent and beutifull city by the name of Goldenrod City "The festive City of Opulent Charm" By the time you reach this city your team is growing and the trainer has also grown a lot too. The players pokemon should be around levels 20-25. The Plain Badge which is the 3rd badge is obtainable in the northeast is required to complete this quest. When you enter the City there will be a little girl standing right next to her friend by the Radio Tower. But if you do not own the Plain Badge than these 2 girls will not be outside and the Receptionist in the tower (comes in later on in the quest) will say what she would normally say if you do not have the Plain Badge Very Happy

Girl 1:
"Hello my friend from afar! Did you know that if you can complete the questionaire in the Radio Tower they will give you a free Portable Radio if all your answers are correct? How cool is that!

Girl 2:
"Im so jeolous of my friend! Unlike myself i failed the questionaire and didn't get a Portable radio like she did. I can't be too down on myself though i'm just going to keep trying harder until i answer every question correct!

After speaking with these cheerfull children you enter the Radio Tower's 1st floor entrance. There is a lady standing behind a counter. As curious as you are about this "Portable Radio" You go and speak with the lady.

"Welcome to Goldenrod City's Radio Tower where the music is brought to you with passion and delight! Are you here to take the questionaire? If you answer all questions correctly you can win a Portable Radio for free. So will you take the questionaire?

Chose Yes or No

"Well ok than I won't pressure you into doing this. After all its free and everyone has a good chance of getting a 100%! Please come back soon!"

"Ok than! Let the testing begin!"

Q1~ "What is the name of the Professor who lives in Kanto?"
~Prof. Oak
~Prof. Elm
~Prof. Birch
~Prof. Rowan

Q2~ "What type of pokemon is Beedrill?"

Q3~ "Which of the following Pokemon is not legendary?"

Q4~ "What is the name of the Gym Leader here in GoldenRod City?"

Q5~ "This one is tricky....Theres a huge tower in Ecruteak City, what is it's name?"
~Sunrise Tower
~Johto Tower
~Bell Tower
~Battle Tower

All the answers to each question is in red!Also dont worry if you get a question wrong because you can always turn back. So Lets say you only answered 4 of the 5 questions right. The lady will say....

"It appears you didn't answer each question correctly. Fortunatly you can re-take this questionaire any time you want! So please come again and shoot for a better score!"

If you do answer each question correctly....

"Congratulations your score is 100%! Here is the Portable Radio we said you would recieve! With this you can listen to other players broadcasts! All you have to do is choose the station you wish to listen to and then click the listen button! It gets as simple as this please enjoy!"

This was my very 1st quest. I did so much research on Goldenrod city and the Radio Tower because im unfamiliar with Johto and such so I spent super long studying other things. I am very much into literature and so i gave this a try because its like i can tell a story that others may enjoy! So please tell me if you liked this quest or not and how maybe it can be improved and such. Oh and i give credit to the person who made this topic, without him I wouldnt have gotten the inspiration to write this quest, so the idea of the reward i give credit to this topic below!

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Portable Radio
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