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 Let's Get Cookin

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PostSubject: Let's Get Cookin   Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:35 pm

Lets get Cookin!
(Sidequest for Johto)

The quest takes place in the city home to Johto's famous Glitter Lighthouse. Thats right you guessed it! It's none other than Olivine City."The port with sea breezes" Just west of the Pokecenter is a building known as the Olivine Cafe. Enter the cafe and you will see a bar, some circular tables, and of course some customers:

"*Cough* Next time ill think twice about eating hot dogs fast!"

"Have you been on the S.S. Aqua? Its a ship that travels to many places, I hear it goes to all regions!"

"At the top of the Glitter Lighthouse is an Ampharos nickamed Amphy. It's the lighthouse's supply of light."

"I'm eating the cafe's famous beef stew. Is very soothing and makes me feel relaxed!"

Once you have spoken with each of the customers, you will see the owner of the cafe standing behind the bar, taking orders from everyone.

Raymond:"What will we do? I just recieved a call from the processing company that the head chef is terribly sick and that he cant process the ingredients for Olivine Cafe's famous beef stew. Do you think maybe you can help me gather the ingredients I need?"

The player chooses between I'll Help! or Nah I'm Good.

Nah I'm Good "Well if you ever change your mind I will still be here."
I'll Help "Great heres what I need: 5 Tomatoes, 5 Carrots, 5 Beef, 5 Broth. The trick is each ingredient is carried by a certain pokemon. I'm too busy to tell you which pokemon they are, but I bet you my customers would know."

So now that you have spoken with the owner of Olivine Cafe, the quest is activated and you can now re-speak with each of the customer's and they will tell you where you can get each of the ingredients:

Gregory: "Are we out of tomatoes this fine day? I can tell you where you would find them if you battle me!"
lv30 Growlithe
lv30 Pikachu
lv30 Skiploom

"Ok. Caterpie drop tomatoes. Hope you get the stuff we need if i'm going to have another bowl of beef stew."

Paul: "We are out of ingredients you say and you need to know where to find carrots? My answer?Hmmm battle?"
lv32 Machop
lv35 Machoke

"Believe it or not, but Sunkern drop carrots. Bring some back soon, I will wait!"

Cameron: "You need to know where to find some broth? Hows about we battle first then I tell you."
lv36 Corsola
"These pokemon also make jelly but also make broth! Just go fishin for some Tentacool."

Benjamin: "B-b-b-b-b-beef! I love my beef! No way we are out of beef. Im enraged now!"
lv32 Doduo
lv32 Smeargle
lv32 Doduo

"All you wanted to know was where to find beef? Oh! Just go Stantler hunting."

Now that you have all the pokemon's locations, what needs to be done is to go looking for these wild criters. It should be 1 in 5 that the pokemon will drop the item as said that it carries. So it will be a bit challenging. Plus another challenge is finding stantler. Caterpie, Sunkern and Tentacool are all listed as common in Johto, for except's listed as rare. So once you have all 20 ingredients total, respeak with the owner of Olivine Cafe.

Raymond:"I see you brought the ingredients! Thank you. Theres some customers awaiting a delivery outside the cafe, so now I need someone to fulfill that poistion. Would you mind delivering the packages?"

The player chooses between Delivery? Yes! or How's About Another Time.

How's About Another Time. "Ok, I guess i'll be waiting until someone else wants to deliver these orders."
Delivery? Yes! "Ok heres 5 Cafe Package(s), heres the delivery list. If you need to know where to go next just come back and come see me: Maria/Violet City, Shirk/Ecruteak City, Darla/Cherrygrove City, Jose/Azalea Town, Jessica/Goldenrod City"

Its now your job to deliver each package to the person as said. For order 1, you will find Maria standing outside of the schoolhouse Violet City.
Maria: "Oh my order is here! I can't wait to bring this home!"

For order 2, you will find Shirk standing outside of the pokemart in Ecruteak City.
Shirk: "Is this for me? Oh yes I almost forgot what I was waiting for. Thanks a lot!"

For order 3, you will find Darla facing the ocean in Cherrygrove City.
Darla: "My beef's here! Now I can begin my picnic if my friends would just hurry up!"

For order 4, you will find Jose standing by Slowpoke Well in Azalea Town.
Jose: "I must say after all this waiting, I better expect a meal better than that lousy Slowpoke Tail!"

For order 5, you will find Jessica near the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City.
Jessica: "That was worth the wait. If only my daddy would get out of work so we can eat this while watching the footbal game tonight!"

Once all of the orders have been delivered, return to the Olivine Cafe and speak again with the owner standing behind the bar.

Raymond:"The orders have been delivered already? Wow! I don't know how to thank you! I know hows about some of my Beef Stew! I'll give you 10 free bowls, but if you ever decide you want some more i'll let you buy some off me! It will be 1,000$ per bowl. Oh I forgot to mention that Olivine Cafe's famous beef stew heals your pokemon by 150 heart points!"

So you are rewarded with 10 free bowls of Beef Stew! And as said it will be 1,000$ per bowl if you wish to buy some more. I hope you all like the reward and the quest itself. Yes I know it's simple and going through all this trouble the reward may have not been what you have expected. But of course I am always open to new ideas and if anyone has any ideas which they would like to share with me, just leave a comment saying your idea! Anyways hope everyone likes it (:

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Let's Get Cookin
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