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 Flooded Mines Quest

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PostSubject: Flooded Mines Quest   Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:36 pm

Flooded Mines Quest:
by Luke, Zebby & Red!


Because of some minor cut backs at Silph Co. in Saffron City, some workers were laid off. Now because they have lost their jobs and can't face the reality of making money, these ex-Silph Co. employees have taken some of their old co-workers as hostages near a mine on the outskirts of the bickering City. Along the way, a cavern is found in which the ex-Silph Co. workers are forcing the hostages to dig until they find some unique evolution stones to the Kanto region. The hostages have already excavated plenty of stones but the ex-Silph Co. workers demand more. Unfortunatly one of the hostages digs into a pipe which bursts and eventually floods up the cavern. Because they are researchers and not experienced miners, the cavern is flooded.


This Quest requires a Surfboard at a certain point. Also you should have 8 badges.

The Quest Begins:

On the route between Celadon and Saffron (Route 7) there is small clearing north of the grass. There will be 1 officer blocking your way unless you meet the requirements than you will be granted permission to pass. Once you are at the clearing, you will encounter many NPCs (all gossiping and wondering what's going on). Because there is indeed many NPCs they form a small maze leading to the entrance of the cavern. Because you are curious you decide to speak with the people and get to really know whats going on yourself:


Once you have spoken with each NPC getting the gist of whats going on, you finally make your way to the cavern. When you enter there will be 3 floors. The 1st floor has a ledge you can't climb up. On the ledge is a ladder. This ladder comes from the 3BF. Once you make your way through the first floor you reach the 2nd floor. This floor also has a ledge you cannot climb up which connects the 3rd floor and up as a shortcut. On the contrary to the first floor the second floor is somewhat wet with some puddles and a few ponds. Once you get to the to the third floor a surfboard will be required if you are even thinking about finishing this quest. In the middle of all the water of the third floor is a patch of dry land more so towards the end but middle of the floor. At the end of this floor is the ladder which will react as a shortcut back to the first floor.

Here are the spawns corresponding to each floor:
{underlined pokemon are those found in water}:


Struggle Throughout The Cavern:

On the 1st Floor you will encounter 1 ex worker who will battle you.


Once you have reached the 2nd Basement Floor there will be 2 ex workers who will battle you.


Now that you have made it past the 2nd Basement Floor you now arrive to the 3rd Basement Floor. Just before the water you surf over to venture further into the floor you see a few Reporters and an officer staring at the water.


With a surfboard, surf across the water until you reach the dry patch in the middle of flooded room. You will encounter 4 Silph hostages. In between them is a smaller path which leads to 2 ex-workers and once you defeat them, you shall encounter the mastermind behind all of this.


Once you have finished talking with Ex-Executive Reynold, the game loading screen will appear and once its finished loading, anyone that was inside of the cavern will be gone for except the Silph-Workers. The NPCs outside of the cavern will also be gone. Hers where it may become tricky. Because you can see others in the map, some may not be finished with this quest therefore on their screen they will see the NPCs still. But now that the people are gone on your screen, they have been replaced by small shrubs. Same with people on this inside of the cavern only they will be replaced with rocks/boulders. As for now you may come back to this cave when you like, but if you respeak with Silph-Worker Otto you can get a hint of what happens next


Yes thats right you guessed it! This Quest leads up to a follow-up which can be found Here! Special thanks to Zebby and Luke (and of course myself) to us coming up with a good storyline and spawns and such. We have been working on this for quite some time now but we have finally managed to pull through. I hope everyone enjoys this quest, take care!

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Flooded Mines Quest
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