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 Flooded Mines Quest 2.0

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PostSubject: Flooded Mines Quest 2.0   Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:37 pm

Flooded Mines Quest 2.0


The Flooded Mines Quest has just been completed. You have spoken with Otto at the end and he had told you to collect 16 badges so he can assure you are up for the next task. You have just returned to the same cavern with no one inside for except Otto and the other Silph Workers. As said all previous people previously inside the cavern or just outside the cavren will be replaced with a rock, boulder or shrub. The Cavern is still being flooded and now that you have are ready!


As said before a Surfboard will be needed as well as 16 badges.

Let's Run Some Errands:

You have just entered the 3rd Basement Floor of the flooded mine and this is what it shall look like:


Now that you are back with 16 badges you surf over the water to the central island in the map and go respeak with Otto who will now be where Ex-Executive Reynold was once standing.


With clear instructions from Otto you leave the cavern and head up to the surface. Head towards Saffron City and look for a workshop near the Pokemart. Once you have located the workshop, enter inside and speak with clerk behind the desk.


Heres how the procdure shall work. Once you have the item that Bill has just told you about, he will then tell you where to find the next tool and the next tool, etc. So with knowing that someone by the name of James has the Wrench, you make your way to the Power Plant. You enter inside and you will see James standing close enough to the front door.


With the Wrench in your possesion head back to Bill at the workshop in Saffron City to find out where the next tool can be found.


With the known whereabouts of Carmen, you head north of Cerulean City to Nugget Bridge. Carmen will be standing on the side of the bridge.


With the the Screwdriver in your possesion, head back to the workshop in Saffron City and speak with Bill to find out where the next tool can be found.


Exit the workshop and head to Celadon City. With no exact clue where Jillian lives you must speak with every NPC in each house until you find her. She will be at the Celadon Apartment building. Once you find her you should see her standing against and facing the wall.


With the the Hammer in your possesion, head back to the workshop in Saffron City and speak with Bill to find out where the next tool can be found.


Exit the workshop and head to Lavender Town. Climb the tower until you find Shira standing on the top of the tower close to the stairs.


So now it is your job to catch a Misdrevus someplace in the tower. Once you have caught one, make sure you place it first in your team and then talk to Shira. Wink


With the the Flashlight in your possesion, head back to the workshop in Saffron City and speak with Bill to find out where the last tool can be found.


Now its your job to go around Saffron City and find someone who may be standing close enough to the Silph Co. Tower as if they were about to climb it. After roaming around you see a child standing on the West side of the tower.


It All Comes Down To This:

With the Wrench, Screwdriver, Hammer, Flashlight and Step Ladder in you possesion, head back to the mine. Go down to the 3rd Basement Floor and speak with Otto.


Otto and his friends are going to need the Life Rafter if they want to make it out safely. So with this favor given to you, head south of Fushia City and enter the Surf Shop. Speak with the clerk behind the counter.


With this info, head to Cinnabar Island and look inside of each building to find a what could be a storage room for Life Rafters. After peeking your head around everywhere you find a small room in the back of the PokeCenter. A man will be blocking the entrance to this room If you haven't spoken with Dude Kris about the problem, the man will say "A" if you have the man will say B"


You will be brought inside the Pokecenter Storage Room. If the instructions aren't clear, all you have to do is do what you did at Saltspray Bay Lab. In the Basement you had to find the papers by pressing space all over. This is pretty much the same thing only the room is bigger and there's only one box that carries the Life Rafters. Here's what the Stoage Room may look like:


Once the box of Life Rafters has been found a message on your screen should read "[you] has found a Life Rafter!" With it, return to the mine. When you arrive at the mine, the game shall recognize that you have the Life Rafter which means by taking all this time the Silph Workers have fixed the leak in the cavern. Meaning when you enter the 3rd Basement Floor, the waterfalls from the pipe shal be gone. Speak with Otto once you have arrived.


You will be teleported out of the mine and to the 1st floor of the Silph Co. building.


WOOOOO!!! You got a PokeGlider!!! Very Happy
Because this quest had involved a lot of movement I felt as if the reward needed an easier way for transportation to the players. I think this would be very effective for a lot of things and I Purposely made it so you can only fly within the region. Seeing you have to pay to train or pay for ferry whatever it is Flying shouldnt be any different. On a side note, now that the Silph Workers have been saved, they will no longer be seen in the cavern. So when you enter the cavern, the game shall recognize your mission was completed and so the map will be mirror like. The workers will be replaced with stones and the waterfalls will be gone. So I hope all you people really liked this quest....Have a great day!


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Flooded Mines Quest 2.0
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