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 TDG Tournament!

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The Ninetailed Scot
The Ninetailed Scot

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PostSubject: TDG Tournament!   Sun May 08, 2011 11:15 am

Team Dramander Guild Tournament

Date TBC

Fixtures will be drawn out on [TBC].
Tournament begins on [TBC] and ends [TBC].
Tier 1 - Levels 1-50
Tier 2 - Levels 51-Limit
You must have at least three pokemon of or above level 51 to enter Tier 2.

Terms & Conditions:
Players are required to have a team of 4 pokemon. Suitable match times are to be decided by both players. If a match result is disputed, result will be determined via available screenshots/videos. If no evidence of win is recorded and both players argue victory, the match will be void and re-done. Evidence is not required if both players agree on victor though screenshotting is recommended. Broken moves or moves that result in the direct K.O in an opponent's pokemon are forbidden e.g sheer cold, horn drill. Potions are forbidden. Switching pokemon during battle is forbidden. Use of the moves: Explosion and Self Destruct are also forbidden. If the server goes down during a match, it must be re-done.

Prize Pool:

Tier 1:

Tier 2:

Copy and paste to enroll:

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions, I will participate in Tournament Tier: [INSERT TIER]
I will contribute [INSERT POKEMON] of level [INSERT LEVEL] to the prize pool.

Good luck to all participants! Wink


Click on my signatures. I dare you! Mwahahahaha!

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TDG Tournament!
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