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PostSubject: Team Dramander HQ   Wed Nov 03, 2010 12:45 pm

This was started by Hudson on the old forums

Hudson wrote:
I've read on the PWO forums about many of the advanced guilds having HQs somewhere in the pokemon world, Well i figured we could probley use a HQ as well... Any suggestions?

Hmmm well it could be in the Seafoam islands(Kanto) or the whirlpool islands(Jhoto) Maybe we could have it somewhere simple like the Ruins of alph or Goldenrod City

Best replies so far:

Silver wrote:
Personally, I say we wait a little while, see how well the Guild holds up, and, more obvious, so we can officially be recognized as a guild, before we decide anything about HQs.

Chocobo wrote:
We could always keep it unofficial until we're recognised, just steal a random house or an island or something. I would keep out of caves and places where people go quite a bit

Yeah, Goldenrod would be a good idea, theres a lot of places for one and it's near the start of the game. I'd say Saffron or Vermillion for Kanto, Saffron because the train is there so it links to Johto, Vermillion because its in the middle and quite early on like Goldenrod.

LittleRed wrote:
Although I do agree we have a lot of new players and not so much people who are all able to get to the same places, i think we should have an HQ in Johto. A lot of new people are expected to come our way and with that i believe Johto is a popular region. Which is why I say we have it someplace near Goldenrod or in goldenrod. I havent gotten to that city yet but where I left off last I had just got ready for my journey to the city.

Although I do think what we can also do is have an alternate HQ in Kanto, it has to be a city thats somewhat central. I havent been there so i wouldnt know, but by the sounds of it I think Vermillion or Cerulean would be nice!
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Team Dramander HQ
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