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A Man of the People
A Man of the People

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PostSubject: Need a place to go?   Sat Jun 30, 2012 9:07 am

Friends, gamers, and digital enthusiasts! Lend me your eyes! As most of you may know, I came from Exploding Deku Nut. It's my home, you see. The unfortunate side of this visit is to tell you that EDN is dying at the end of this summer, but I fear not, as we are entering a new entity. EDN is re-branding as Awesome Canadian Gamer's Ventcast - A following dedicated to video games, Canada, and the clinically insane. You might be asking, "Link, why are you posting this here?", or "Why is Link advertising a new website?", and the reason is simple. I know here at TD, you guys have been enthusiastic about not only Pokemon, but gaming in general. Allow me to share some of what we do:

-Live stream video games: (Some nights are community nights where we play L4D, LoL, others)
-Archive our live streams. You can see some of our insanity here:
-Record podcasts for iTunes, which can be found here:
-Write reviews, what's new in the VG industry, and the occasional pondering of why Half Life 3 hasn't been released:

So, if you enjoy playing games, have a sense of humor, of just have a maddening craving to live in Canada, we'd like to have you as part of our community. I really miss you guys, and I'm looking forward to seeing some of you there.

Find us at:

Like us:

Tweet us:
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PostSubject: Re: Need a place to go?   Wed Jul 25, 2012 7:32 pm

Was on steam and clicked on the website link on the group that was created for this guild. Razz
Sounds really good, I followed you on twitter seeing as I won't be on this forum if you do see this and reply.
Just tweet or whatever when you decide to stream some games. Very Happy
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Need a place to go?
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