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PostSubject: MicahelN's Writing Showcase   MicahelN's Writing Showcase Icon_minitimeTue Feb 08, 2011 3:05 pm

Hey Everyone-

I thought I'd try my own hand at Storyline writing. I know that Ariana is the lead writer, but I'd like to share my own storyline. I made it sort of like Ariana's, but I put my own twist to it. Any comments and Feedback would be awesome Very Happy Thanks.

People Intro

Main Character: This is you. You are an energetic 16 year old who is ready to start a Pokémon Adventure.

Your Mother: She is your biggest supporter. She will give you your backpack and Pokedevice. She will always be at your home and will offer to heal your Pokémon.

Your Battling Rival: One of your best friends, he/she loves to challenge you to a battle every so often.

Your Friendly Rival: He/she is the offset opposite of your Battling Rival. They will offer you advice and give you items along the way.

Your Neighbors: These are residents of A-Town. They will usually provide obvious knowledge of Pokémon when talked to.

The Champion: The champion of the region. He is like a father figure to you after the passing of your father. He will help you along your adventure and protect you multiple times.

Team Starlight Leader Chris: Leader of Team Starlight, he tries to recruit you to his team but was chased away by the Champion. He will re-appear multiple times throughout the game. His objective besides causing trouble isn’t mentioned yet.

Professor X: The lead professor of the region. She gives you your first Pokémon as well as a Pokedex. Her goal is to learn about every Pokémon in the region and asks for your help. She also has a growing relationship with the Champion.

Once you click new game on the screen, it will start with the basic introduction led by the lead professor of the island. We will call her Professor X for now. So, Professor X welcomes you to the world of Pokémon and makes a brief introduction of herself long with the creatures they call Pokémon:

“Welcome to the world of Pokémon! I’m Professor X and I’m a Pokémon Professor. What exactly are Pokémon? They are creatures that roam the land among us. Some are wild; some are caught and trained by people. They are mysterious creatures that I devote my life studying. While these Pokémon are capable of many things, it truly depends on the trainer as to what the Pokémon can achieve.”

She mentions the region you are currently residing in.

Professor X: “Where are we? Why, we are in the wonderful region on “T”; and you my dear reside in A-Town! The current Pokémon Champion of our region resides there as well. Oh my, where are manners, I forgot to ask some very important questions!

She will then ask you your gender, and then she will ask for your name. After you have done both of those things, she will introduce a boy and a girl. Professor X will explain to you these are your two closest friends. In the game, the opposite sex will be your friendly rival and who will not battle with you within the game, but give you advice and items along the way. Your other friend will be your battling rival who from time to time will challenge to a battle.

With everything settled, the professor wishes you luck on your journey.

Chapter 1- The Beginning

You are miniaturized after the intro and you appear in your bed on the second floor of your room. A black screen will appear saying:

“Today is my 16th Birthday. I can’t wait to become a trainer today!”

You are then able to freely move the character. After you roam your room, you head downstairs. The house is the standard housing; kitchen, table, living room and television. And as you look around, you notice your mom is not there. You then head outside and to your surprise; you see your mother, your two best friends, and about 5 residents standing outside. They yell surprise, and your mother wishes you a happy birthday.

Mother: “Happy Birthday dear! The community and I couldn’t help but surprise you and also wish you well on the start of your journey. That’s right, I’m keeping my promise to you and letting you leave A-Town to become a Pokémon Trainer. It’s sad to see you leave, but I know it’s been your dream and I’m going to support it 100 percent.”

Battling Rival: “Finally (Name) you can battle with me! I’ve been looking for someone to challenge for a long time and I expect you to be a good trainer.

Friendly Rival: “I’m so happy for you (Name)! Now you can join (Battling Rival) and I on our journey around the region.

Mother: “You need to visit Professor X in B-Town which is located east of here past route 1. You don’t have to worry about encountering wild Pokémon because there are no patches of grass where they can hide out. But before you go, I have a few presents for you.”

You then receive your backpack, along with your Pokedevice which comes equipped with a built-in map, and cell-phone. Your mother asks if you already know how the Pokedevice works. If you say yes, the dialogue will move on.

If you say no, she will go into an explanation of the Pokedevice, show you how to check your map, how to call a person, how to add people on your phone, and other options available later on in the game including a radio. Once she is done with the explanation, it will continue the normal dialogue.

Mother: “Ok then dear, off you go to Professor X’s lab. Be careful and good luck!”

You are then able to freely move around. You can talk to all 8 people there.

Mother: “B-town is east of here past route 1. Make sure you don’t get there too late.”

Battling Rival: “Are you going to challenge the gym leader like I am? That would be cool.”

Friendly Rival: “Are you going to collect every Pokemon in this region like I am? That would be cool.”

Resident 1: “Happy Birthday (Name)!

Resident 2: “I wonder where the Champion could be.”

Resident 3: “Be careful on your journey (Name)”

Resident 4: “Represent us well (Name)!”

Resident 5: “I'm so jealous. I wish I could travel the region myself.”

There are two exits in the city. One leads to Route 2, the other leaders to Route 1. If you attempt to head to Route 2, there will be an older man that will stop you.

Elder: “Where are you going (Name)? Route 1 is the other way.

You will then be pushed back. Once you leave A-Town, the residents will assume their NPC locations. When you enter Route 1, it will be a winding path with just mountain sides on either end. In the middle of the route, there will be an opening on the south direction. If you head down that way, you will be blocked by a lake. That will be called “The Pond of New Beginnings”. Though you can’t do anything there at the start, it will play a role in the main storyline later on. Once you continue on your path to B-Town, you are stopped just before entering B-Town by a voice. You turn around and a person approaches you.

Stranger: “What up a sec!”

When he approaches you, he will say,

Stranger: “You look like you’re on your way to the Professor’s lab. Do you mind me asking why?”

Response: “………………………..”

Stranger: “Oh, ok. So you’re going to become a trainer. How’s about joining me and my crew?”

Stranger: “Who are we? Why, we are Team Starlight (Not Real Name!!) and we like to travel the region causing trouble.”

Stranger: “What? You don’t believe that’s right? How dare you kid, I ought to show you some respect!”

The stranger throws out a Mightyena and is about to attack you when suddenly the Champion appears from the B-Town side with a Salamence. It pushes Mightyena and the stranger back a few spots.

Champion: “And what do you think you’re doing Chris? Attacking a civilian is lower than low.”

Chris: “Pfft… he deserved it.”

Champion: “I’m warning you to leave or I’ll order Salamence to wipe out your Mightyena without mercy.”

Chris: “…………. Fine. You win for now, but I’ll be back to seek my revenge.”

Chris leaves and the Champion re-calls Salamence before turning to you.

“Hey (Name). I’m sorry I wasn’t there at your celebration. You’re like a son/daughter to me and I feel miserable about not being there. I'm just glad I ran into right now. By the way… that person is Chris. He is the leader of Team Starlight. They are a group that goes around causing more problems in the region then they think. You need to stay far away from them. Anyways, I’d like to make it up to you by walking with you to the Professor’s lab."

The game automatically leads you to Professor X’s lab. Once there, the Professor welcomes your arrival and explains to you the possibilities of traveling the region.

Professor X: “Welcome (Name), welcome Champion, it’s a pleasant surprise to see you boys here together. I was expecting just to see (Name) but it’s always nice to see you too Champion.”

Champion: “Same to you Rebecca” (Professor X’s first name)

Professor X: “Um…Ha-ha… oh right! (Name) you’re here to pick up your first Pokémon. First I need to hand you your trainer card. This is proof that you are a certified trainer. It also keeps track of your game time, badges, money and it has your own personal identification.”

Professor X: “As for your starter, I have on my desk 3 Pokémon suitable for the start of your journey. Each is unique from one another so think carefully of the one you want. Go ahead and choose one when you’re ready."

You are then able to control your character. If you try to escape, Professor X will say:

“Where are you going (Name)? The table is over here.”

The Pokémon on the table will be as follows from left to right:

Charmander (fire)
Chikorita (Grass)
Mudkip (Water)

Once you have chosen your starter, you will be asked if you want to nickname it. Once that is decided, your character will automatically walk back in-front of the professor.

Professor X: “In order to become a strong trainer like the Champion, you must train your Pokémon by battling wild ones or by challenging trainers that you encounter on your journey. My advice is for you to challenge the gym leaders and earn badges. There are 8 in total and the gym leaders there specialize in a certain type. Once you have earned all 8 badges, you can challenge the Elite 4. They are a strong collection of trainers but if you manage to defeat all 4 of them, you can challenge the Champion here.”

Champion: “And I’ll be looking forward to that day (Name).”

Professor X: “Besides battling, you can also help me with my project.”
You then receive the Pokedex.

Professor X: “The Pokedex is a comprehensive encyclopedia of all the Pokémon known throughout the region. My goal is to one day complete the Pokedex and learn all I can about each and every one of them. Maybe you can help me out. Every time you catch a Pokémon, the data for it will register in your Pokedex. Try and collect every single Pokémon out there and show me when you’re done. This is an extreme undertaking and I wish you well.”

Just then Professor X receives an email and she hurries to her computer. In the meantime the Champion talks to you.

Champion: “Congratulations on getting your first Pokémon. I’m so proud of you (name). Here, I want you to have these. They will help you on your journey”

You then receive 3 Potions and 5 Pokeballs.

Champion: “I know it’s not much but I promise to make it up to you later.”

Just then the Professor comes back. She says:

Professor X:“I just received an email from the main Police branch in F-Town. Lead Police officer Jack has mentioned that a strange entity of some sort is going around the region casting a spell among innocent trainers. He describes countless filed missing trainer reports and none have been found as of yet. There have been indications that perhaps Team Starlight is responsible for this but people dispute that Team Starlight couldn't actually have that ability."

Professor X: “There was another report that a mysterious Pokémon was spotted at the time of one trainer’s disappearance and perhaps might be responsible for these incidents. Either way, I want you two to be care and also report any strange behaviors or possible leads to Police officer Jack in F-Town."

Champion: “No problem Rebecca. I will keep an eye on Team Starlight and make sure they aren’t involved with this. "

Champion: "Anyways, I think it’s time for (Name) and I to get going. It was nice catching up with you Rebecca.”

Professor X: "Ha-ha… you too Champion… And good luck (Name) on your journey. Come show me your Pokedex progress some time."

You are then led away by the Champion and you re-appear in your house. You follow your mother as you explain your adventures of the day.

“Wow (Name), that sounds like a terribly exciting day. Thank goodness the Champion was there to protect you. He’s always been looking after you since your father passed away. He’s been beyond kind.”

Just then the Champion appears. There is some chit-chat and eventually you turn in for the night. Upon waking up, you have full access to you character. You are now allowed to explore route 2 and this is the end of Chapter 1.

"People will forget what I said. People will forget what I did for them. But people will never forget my name."
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PostSubject: Re: MicahelN's Writing Showcase   MicahelN's Writing Showcase Icon_minitimeTue Feb 08, 2011 5:09 pm

I liked it fairly well written. I can seeeach and every twist there was compared to my first chapter lol. Personally I like the little itsy bitsy details you used which might help out later to come like when you physicly start the game what the professor says and stuff and more info with the hometown NPC's. Personally I think I may include that and keep most of the key stuff I had from my 1st chapter and use it as an official update to chapter one, well done!

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