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  • Please be aware this is not a hardcore guild. We are friendly, we do activities that are Pg-13, and have no interest in hardcore gaming.
  • This is NOT a game. We are PART of a game. Again, Pokemon World Online is our main focus. For more information, please check out introduction topic.
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  • Create an introduction topic. It is way easier to make new friends and your presence known if you take the time to say you’re here. Everyone is welcoming and it will help you ease right.
  • Join the group that best represents your progress/intentions in Team Dramander. If you are from PWO and you qualify for the Flame Squad, please make it known through their topic. For more information on which group you belong in, check out the group description topic.
  • Make a topic, post a picture in the gallery or join the chatbox. We certainly welcome you to participate from the get-go. You can use these activities to get you started.
  • Have fun. We’re all about having a great time and playing the game we've come to love.
That covers the basics of the guild. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your time here in Team Dramander where no player is left behind!