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 For those still remaining.

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PostSubject: For those still remaining.   Sun Jan 18, 2015 1:33 am

First post here in a long, long time eh? Yea. I know little to no people are gonna see this, but I felt like making one last thread on this old site before I finally let go of it. I get so much nostalgia seeing this site that I can't help but remember all the fun times we had here, even with the PWO servers dead half the time. I still remember those who came and left, and it's hard for me to comprehend how much time has passed since Choco and I got into that fight on the PWO chat.

(Team Cyndaquil still rocks, though)

But that isn't the reason I'm making this post. Like most people who still may drop into the site from time to time, I've been quite busy.

Making roleplay sites. Three to be exact, working on a fourth now, and while this may not be the most active place to look for new members, it's as good as any. For the past few months I've recently been drawn into Text-based roleplay, and a few of the friends I made (while they certainly aren't as amazing as the ones I made here) and I decided to make our own little place on the international thing known as the internet.

I've taken the liberty of calling it a network.
The Un-Glued Roleplay Network.
Three sites, going on a fourth... and we're still a really small community. Only about 20-30 members strong, half of whom don't really do anything on the sites. TBH, some days I feel like we're just isolating ourselves from everything else.
Which is another reason why I'm posting this. Not just as a last, albeit kinda stupid, farewell to the site I spent a couple years on. But as an invitation to anyone who still drops in every now and then to see if anyone decided to post anything up.

Which is why I'm going to invite everyone who reads this to join. I've built up three sites so far, two of which are fully operational and the third is only half-complete. RWBY, Soul Eater, Pokemon. Yea. I made a text-based Pokemon Roleplay (and I still need people to make gym leaders -_-). So in the ten to thirty minutes it takes me to type out this final message, I'm going to spend the last part of it doing something that is probably pretty stupid, yet at the same time a desperate hope that at some point in the future Team Dramander will rise from the ashes.

Link to the RWBY site is below. There are links there to take you to the Soul Eater and Pokemon sites.

May the winds of fortune carry you onwards

[Dated Sunday, January 18 2015]
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For those still remaining.
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