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 Ragnarok: Chapter Two

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Concept Extraordinaire
Concept Extraordinaire

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PostSubject: Ragnarok: Chapter Two   Fri Feb 11, 2011 4:01 am

The darkness seemed never ending as Memieko silently floated until eventually finding the ground with her feet. Her vision began to clear and she began to see many peasants bustling about through shops and many adventurers storing up items. She also saw merchants of different varieties selling equipment and weapons of all sorts. Takashi appeared right next to her like a ghost and startled her as she caught him at the corner of her eye. Memieko turned to look at her brother and noticed his eyes were staring blankly as if he were lost in his own thoughts. Eventually his eyes resumed life and began to refocus on reality. He looked confused at first then noticed Memieko next to him.

“Hey there!” he smiled warmly.

“You looked dead on your feet when you appeared,” she teased causing him to give a “humph” noise as he walked off pretending to sound offended. He always tried his best to humor Memieko.

Before he even made it to the first shop the others because to join them in a row. Firstly Koiwa then Mishiatsu, Royaku, and lastly Ryu, but before Ryu had looked like he gained consciousness he ran off to the nearest shop. Ryu wasn’t the type to show his weakness to others which was another thing that annoyed Memieko.

Memieko went to go look at different daggers since hers had dulled over the past years while Koiwa went to talk to a pet tamer for a hawk. On his way he bought an expensive bow called Artemis and some silver arrows to go with it. Ryu was busy talking to another High Priest with a gaunt look but kind eyes, Memieko recognized him as Judias. He was always courteous to her and almost the complete opposite of Ryu, but he was one of Ryu’s closest friends . Royaku was also jumping from shop to shop obviously looking for a gunslinger shop to buy a gun called Garrison, which he had always wanted, and to restock on bullets.

Memieko grabbed some brand new daggers and sold her old ones off to a blacksmith. She was fascinated with the silver sleek look her new ones had. Takashi had retired his search for a Knuckle, a weapon built for his class that’s meant to cause more damage to a foe while protecting the user’s fist from damage, and sat sitting on a bench with a flower sticking out of his mouth trying to look attractive as some girls passed by and whispered quietly with bashful delight. I guess I have to put a stop to this, She thought.

She walked over to him and sat down. “Honestly, what would Tatsuya say if she was here right now and saw what you were doing?” Tatsuya was a beautiful knight with brown hair and stunning blue eyes

“Oh come on, I’m a guy, what do you expect?” Takashi replied

“Well to me it looks like she was never a thought to you,” She told him.

“I still think of Tatsuya; and I can’t wait to see her tomorrow,” He threw in hastely.

“Okay, fine,” She said with some sharpness, “But don’t blame me if you wind up with some girl after you.”

“Okay.” he pouted

“Go and get some equips with the others, I’m done with my gears, but we all need new equips since some of ours are rusted over.”

He nodded briskly getting up to scavenge around the shops for some guards and a new Fist. Feeling the nice spring breeze above her face she reminisced when they relied and use to train and learn from one another. She missed the past as it seemed everyone was beginning to get independent.

Mishiatsu came striding up to her. “Hi, there,” He said sitting down next to her. “I’m done for today; check out this cool dagger I got.” He pulled out a case which shone brightly in the sun.

“Wow!” she exclaimed, “It looks wonderful.”

“Thanks!” he said pride swelling up inside his eyes.

Not long after that the others began to join them on the bench; soon all they had to wait for was Takashi who was already running towards them with a blue colored Knuckle in his hands.

“Look!” he panted, “I swear I was looking for this particular Knuckle for ages!”

“That’s great, Takashi,” Ryu replied unenthusiastically.

“Okay,” Royaku said with his hair sticking up from the overdose of hair gel making him look unrealistic, “Lets stay at that lodge and get some rest, the suns already going down.”

“I agree,” Memieko pitched in, “Besides we’re worn out.”

“More like you’re just scared of the dark,” Ryu muttered . Memieko shot him a dark glance and Mishiatsu places his hand on her shoulder.

“Don’t worry, he’s just trying to annoy you.” he reassured her.


After arriving at the lodge they settled to their rooms. The entire lodge was theirs for the week and they decided to label each room by numbers, Memieko being the only girl had to stay with Takashi in room 5, Ryu and Koiwa in room 10, and Royaku and Mishiatsu in room 7.

“So, where’d you say Koiwa was going?”

Each room contained two beds as Takashi slept on a bed located on the right side of the room whiled Memieko slept on the left. Takashi had his back to her trying to fall asleep as she was undoing her hair to sleep comfortably.

“He wants to speak with a fortune teller.” He answered drowsily.

“Don’t tell me he’s having more weird dreams happen to him,” Memieko groaned, “He always over reacts to them.”

“Ha-ha, yeah, like that one time when he dreamt about a ghost haunting a certain path he used to get to town,” he chuckled, “and he instead took a long way around for a month.

“Heh, Koiwa always was paranoid…Well, I‘m going to go to bed.”

“G’night Memieko.”

“Night Takashi.” She let herself settle into bed as she curled into the blankets. Eventually drifting off into sleep.
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Mac of All Trades
The Forum Clown
The Forum Clown
Mac of All Trades

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PostSubject: Re: Ragnarok: Chapter Two   Fri Feb 18, 2011 2:14 pm

Since no one else said anything yet, I suppose I will. To be honest, i forgot about this story until you posted this chapter

So in game this would be like shopping for equipment...kind of trying to show us what class would use what kind of weapon...but I have to say i'm not very good at remembering names and who's who, especially when they have Japanese-like names Razz
Well I'll look forward to when the action starts, but for now we must wonder with the cliffhangers: ...what will happen between Takashi and Tasuya?...what was Koiwa's dream was about?...what adventures would Memieko have with her new daggers?...find out in the next episode! scratch

(yea I didnt really know what to say)
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Concept Extraordinaire
Concept Extraordinaire

Squad : Flame SA
Age : 24
Location : The Beaver State
Posts : 937
Join date : 2010-11-02

PostSubject: Re: Ragnarok: Chapter Two   Fri Feb 18, 2011 2:53 pm

I plan to change all the names to english names, I find the japanese names kinda stupid looking at them now. I created the names when I was 13 so.. yeah I'm gonna switch to english names for all my stories now.

Also, yes this is to help people who never play the game get more of an idea of how each class operates based on what weapons they're more skilled at. If you noticed I used the name "Judias" partly because it's more english and also because it's the actual name of the guy he represents. (I kinda miss Judias... ;-; )
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PostSubject: Re: Ragnarok: Chapter Two   

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Ragnarok: Chapter Two
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